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At present, China 's food packaging machinery around 30 billion yuan in output value , while annual imports of food packaging machinery about $ 1 billion . Food processing and packaging machinery manufacturing industry is to provide technology and equipment for the food industry , an important industry in recent years, the progressive development of our national economy the fastest growing , most dynamic pillar industries. However, due to a late start , technical resources, not enough focus and other reasons, China's food processing and packaging machinery manufacturing technological innovation capability is very weak.

People 's living standards improve the food industry 's role in promoting Obviously, food machinery industry market prospects are generally good , but the domestic food machinery plant operators, the market in the end is a delicious cake or a hot potato it ? China Food and Packaging Machinery Industry Association executive vice president Ho south , said: " At present, many domestic food processing and packaging machinery manufacturing enterprise development is passive, many technical improvements are also quite upset ."

Food industry to promote the development of food packaging machinery

The past 20 years , a large number of agricultural products is the basic characteristic into food processing industry at an alarming rate , becoming China's national economy one of the fastest growing industries , from the early 1980s is now the National Food Industry average annual growth rate 13% ~ 14%. Agro-industry first for the packaging industry has provided a broad space for development. Any one processed food are inseparable package , including sales packaging and transport packaging. And bear the brunt , but also the first to benefit is packaging machinery.

China's food packaging machinery industry started in the early 1980s , the development so far , the national food and packaging machinery manufacturing enterprises , nearly 6,000 , of which about 2000 but not stable enough, every year nearly 15% of the conversion or closure of enterprises , while and about the same number of new enterprises to enter the industry. On the one hand shows the intense competition in the industry , on the other hand shows the attractiveness and vitality of the industry , as well as everyone 's optimistic about its prospects . In this industry, with annual sales of more than billion only a dozen , with annual sales of more than 30 million yuan of about 50 companies , 75% of the industry 's exports from these 50 companies produced . This shows that large enterprises have a higher technological level and production capacity, competition in the market position of absolute dominance .

Now, packaging machinery in China's machinery industry has become one of the top ten industries . China's food packaging machinery and equipment not only on the scale , and is accelerating the optical and electrical integration , automated manner. In filling equipment , packaging equipment , packaging materials, production equipment and other aspects have made great progress . However, China's packaging machinery exports less than 5% of GDP , imports and GDP are roughly the same. This shows that China 's demand for packaging machinery large gap , domestic packaging machinery compared with foreign products , technological level gap is still large , far from meeting the domestic demand.

In addition, China's packaging machinery are about more than 1300 kinds of varieties , the lack of high-tech , high-precision , high-quality ancillary products, low performance , stability and reliability is poor, life is short, rough surface treatment , eyesores , China's packaging machinery technology level on the whole than about 20 years behind the advanced countries , ; from the enterprise situation, the lack of domestic packaging machinery industry leading enterprises, high level of technology , production scale , product quality to meet international standards of small enterprises ; product development from research view, is still basically stuck in the test stage of imitation , self- development capability is not strong, less investment in research , funding accounts for only 1% of sales , while developed countries up to 8 to 10%.

High-end technology help packaging machinery product upgrades

Ho south pointed out that from the perspective of automation technology , China's food machinery industry the gap with foreign countries is more obvious . In recent years, local enterprises are also interested in this area to improve competitiveness , but also the technical aspects of improvements with changes in market acceptance and gradually expanded . Application abroad more mature technology more easily adopted by domestic companies , but it also restricts the local food machinery manufacturing industry development initiative . Therefore, the need is to change the development mode from the advanced technology at the same time , local business philosophy changes.

Currently, food processing and packaging process detection technology is not limited to the detection of impurities in the production line , with the food inspection by the gradual increase in the degree of attention , detection technology to further expand the application fields .

Ho south , said: "In the past our food machinery factory less attention to food testing technology , relative to the overall performance improvement, food testing technology development is very big ." Ho south noted that the current food processing and packaging process the detection technique is not limited to the detection of impurities in the production line , with the food inspection by the gradual increase in the degree of attention , detection technology to further expand the application fields . In machine vision products, color machine vision products in the application of the more prominent food testing , we can determine the color of the food and the quality level of maturity and other parameters . In addition, in recent years, wireless sensor network applications with the increasing popularity of some large foreign food processing plants have to be applied to ensure food safety food information collection systems. Through wireless sensor networks , food processing plants will allow consumers to fully understand the food production, transportation , storage, and other processes related information, so intuitive, transparent information greatly eliminate their concerns about food safety . At the same time , which will also help regulators to detect problems , and well documented , it is possible to stop the occurrence of food safety problems .

Speaking of food packaging application of new technologies , Ho south example: " A few years ago , some foreign food plant applications on packaging machinery products applied to the automatic recognition function , which for many types of products packaged together to provide a great convenience. achieve fast and accurate packaging , while excluding the visual and manual physical fatigue and other factors , but the application of this technology in the country is also less , so in the country to promote the new technology must consider the market demand, consumer attitudes and other factors . "

In the face of so accurate but labor-saving methods , most domestic enterprises still said "no ." He pointed south , well-known food plants in developed countries , the products in great demand , so that the application can make some new technologies to improve production efficiency significantly , the introduction of technology greatly reduces the cost . Most local and domestic food plants to small and medium scale enterprises, improve the efficiency of this advantage is not obvious. Meanwhile, China 's food industry, especially in the food packaging industry needs to introduce a large number of long-term foreign advanced technology and equipment, the consequences of China 's large-scale packaging equipment market share in high-end enterprise almost occupied by foreign equipment . The development of this passive situation often makes domestic food processing plants in the forced resignation of the time, will choose to use automation technology to upgrade equipment . Therefore, China's packaging industry should proceed from reality , the introduction of technology, innovation is also essential , so as to produce for the domestic market demand for equipment.

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