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Compared with developed countries , China's food packaging machinery research started late in the formation of China's food packaging machinery industry, only two or three decades , research and development in food packaging machinery research and lack of strength, foundation solid enough , to some extent also in the food and packaging industry slowed down . How can I quickly improve food packaging machinery to catch up with developed countries in scientific research and technological level to seize this huge market is an urgent need to solve our problems .

Developed countries, food packaging machinery development status : on the sale of food packaging , it is now the most common and basic packaging process method has two major categories, namely, filling and wrapping . Filling method is suitable for almost all types of packaging materials and containers . Specifically, for better mobility liquid, powder , granular , mainly relying on its own gravity , if necessary, is supplemented by certain machinery to complete the packaging process . While the viscous semi-liquid or larger body strong single piece , assemblies , require using the corresponding squeeze , push , pick and place other coercive measures . As for the wrapping method shows just vary, it is mainly applied to form structured, very rigid enough sex , and require relatively tight packed single-piece or assembly , the use of flexible plastic and composite materials , with mechanical action for wrapping .

Over the past decade , the international packaging industry attaches great importance to improve the packaging machinery and packaging systems throughout the general ability and functional integration capabilities for the rapid diversification of product marketing flexibility to provide timely means of production . While based on reasonable simplification process for packaging and packaging advantages of the actual needs , continue to explore, significantly speeding up the pace of technological innovation itself . Especially with the simultaneous development of modern automatic machine echoes gradually clear .

To establish a more diverse , universal, multi-functional integrated packaging machinery new system , we must first focus on solving the combination of mechanical and electrical integration of the big problems , no doubt this is an important future direction of development . But with the world powers , China's small number of product varieties and complete sets , mostly to produce single -based, while foreign mostly supporting the production, single production sales profits, can not get high efficiency equipment sales . And product reliability is poor, slow technology updates , new technologies , new processes, new materials less . China's food and packaging machinery more with a single , complete sets of small, generic models and more , to meet the special requirements, special materials , equipment less . More low-tech products , high-tech value-added , high-productivity products less ; intelligent device is still in the development stage .

With the accelerated pace of people's daily work , rich in nutrition and health food , environmental awareness , the future of the food and its packaging is also bound to raise many new requirements . It should be noted advantages of China's food and packaging machinery , China's food and packaging machinery technology affordable , cheap, very suitable for developing countries and regional economic conditions in the future to those countries and regions, export prospects , some of the equipment can also be exports to developed countries .

The future development of China's food machinery still lies in the hands of a large number of enterprises , favorable government policy support , companies only practical adhere to the above directions , take a long-term development of the road , I believe that in the near future, we can see China food machinery new bright spot !

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